Friday, 27 August 2010

Reese vs. Hicks

This is the one that started the whole idea of this blog. A titanic struggle between two near identical combatants.
Reese a gnarled post apocalyptic survivor refusing to be crushed, and Hicks a 'badass' colonial marine who rescues colonists from aliens, and their virginities apparently.

So that's the rub. Who would actually win? My money's on Reese.

This is why- although physically there isn't much in it, maybe Hicks has slightly better conditioning, I think the key is that Reese is used to hardship. From what we know Reese would have been in plenty of battles where he and his mates were hammered by terminators. He's seen his family and friends killed by jumped up cyborgs and he's used to being the underdog.

Hicks however has had it pretty much his own way (until some bad tempered aliens anyway), sleeping on the job, chatting up colonist's daughters and generally having a laugh with his marine chums. It's this previous ease of combat that might make him over-confident and arrogant and allow a sometimes feral Reese to capitalise.

Do you agree? Feel free to venture an opinion.....

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