Friday, 10 September 2010

The theory of Keith

I don't know where this one started but after meeting several Keith's during my time something occurred to me- I have never known a child Keith.

This in itself may seem small, but think about it, did you know a childhood Keith?

So I started thinking, where do Keith's come from? I could have settled on something simple, like it's a name out of fashion, but that wouldn't be any fun so here's what I came up with:


The theory goes that Keith's populate a separate plane of existence for the first, say, 25 years of their lives. Here, in this dimension (it could be a far flung planet, I can't decide), loads of Keith's of different ages all mill about doing Keith things and having Keith conversations. Then at the age of 25 the Keith's of a certain age are summoned and cease to exist in dimension Keith. A bit like the way everyone is summoned to Carousel in Logan's Run ,

They then emerge, unprotected and alone, in our dimension. Knowing only the ways of Keith.

A 'Keith' yesterday.

So there you have it. The theory of Keith. Perhaps I've over complicated it, perhaps I'm on to something, who really knows (except Keith)? Feel free to offer you're own explanation....


  1. I went to school with a lad called Keith McGovern.

  2. Looks like this theory's been shot down.

    I've now had two people confirm childhood Keiths, and another suggest that Ireland is dimension Keith. This hasn't been confirmed yet.

    Still there's a certain romance to the idea that an alternative plane exists inhabited solely by Keiths.


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