Thursday, 6 January 2011

Crashing horses

A few years ago a good friend of mine asked the following question-

'Can you crash a horse?'

To clarify we were discussing if you could intentionally crash said horse. It's a head scratcher isn't it? Initially this question was met with derision and 'laugh in your face' hilarity. As these things tend to develop though, after a few beers, we gave the question some credence and the debate began to rage.

So here's my views on this question-

The 'NO' side-

Of course you can't crash a horse, it's not a car. As a living, thinking, creature it will try to avoid a collision just as we would. When you're a kid and you run into a wall, you haven't had a 'crash'. You can't intentionally crash a horse, as the horse just won't have it.

The 'YES' side-

Anything you ride and control can be crashed. You crash a car, a bike, a skateboard, a trolley, therefore a horse.

I have to say I sit on the 'NO' side of this. However certain theories were cooked up whereby you could crash a horse. Here's my favourite-

How to crash a horse, theory #1- the stealth crash

horse crash

In case the above image isn't working, see it here- horse crash

1. Ride your horse at a full gallop

2. Get a friend to fashion some kind of brick wall on wheels, and slide said brick wall in front of the galloping horse at the last moment, making a crash inevitable.

3. Hey presto! An unavoidable crash.

You could debate whether this is an 'intentional' crash, as it's fair to say that the horse will probably be a little surprised by the last minute inclusion of a brick wall.

Who said uni was a waste of time?

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