Thursday, 24 February 2011

Carving arseholes part 2

I hoped you enjoyed part 1 of this post. This one is more about the inspiration behind it, and to give it a bit of context.

So the background is that a few years ago I used to work with a good friend (read his blog here) and we both walked the same way to the station after work, although at different times.

It's a pretty nice walk in front of the National Gallery, and includes all the majesty of Trafalgar Square.

Horse's arse 001 Horse's arse 002

One day he mentioned to me that on the walk I should look at the statue 'of the guy on the horse'. I enquired as to why this was. He then began to describe the finest sculpting of a horse's clacker valve ever committed to bronze. Now don't jump to conclusions here, the admiration was not for the arsehole itself, but that someone, for some reason had gone to effort of crafting as life like a nipsy as possible.

horse horse1 horse2 horse3

As you can see it's quite something. Since this was pointed out to me, not only can I not help but smile when passing this statue, I also can't help but look at other horse statues.

I'd never noticed this small, but carefully crafted detail before, and now I feel obliged to check. Was this a one off, are there more arseholes, or was it limited to a few select statues?

Whatever way I bet most of you now have a sneaky look to check your local arsehole.

1 comment:

  1. Very thought provoking. Were you tempted to mention that Charlie called me 'horse gay'?

    Thanks for the advertising.


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