Thursday, 10 February 2011

Marty McFly vs. Bill & Ted

Iconic characters from a more innocent time of family entertainment and film making, these three characters were trailblazing in their care free attitude to time travelling, education, and general merriment.

Which was the best time traveller though? Who would kick who's arse? Who will rule the roost in this time bending dust up? Here's the usual pros and cons-

This is a great debate as essentially there's no bad guy. When I first thought this one up I didn't have a clear idea which way I'd go. Luckily the decision making spreadsheet has pointed the way, although you may not agree with the final decision.

Lets talk about the individuals involved shall we?

Marty McFly- Everyone that watched any of the Back to the Futures as a kind wanted to be Marty, if not at least for the hoverboard in the second film. Hoverboard aside what wasn't there to like? Wicked skateboard skills, could play guitar, had a smoking (in an 80's way) girlfriend, good at arcade games, and had a friendship with an eccentric inventor who made cool stuff.

Looking back the dynamics of this relationship are a little disturbing, but lets not ruin those rose tinted glasses. The greatest of all these things was driving a Delorean that could travel in time.

All in all Marty was a pretty cool guy.

Bill and Ted- Archetypal stoners without touching a bud, this duo gave us all a reason to admire slacking and pursuing hopeless dreams of musical whimsy. Bill & Ted also represent an evolution of who you wanted to be when you were younger. In the same way that hoverboards were cool, so was rocking out in a band.

Not only that but Rufus was also damn cool, throw into that mix a hot mum, befriending death, nailing princesses, and introducing the melvin to the school playground, you've got a pretty compelling case.

Lets dive into a few points in a bit more detail-

Marty's thinking face- This guy thought a lot, or at least that's what you'd think. Much like 'the catalogue' pose that all men default to when a camera appears and inspiration does one, Marty pulled this face whether scripted or not.

The introduction of cybertronic sexuality- One of the greatest lines in modern cinema history: Evil Ted- 'I got a full-on robot chubby',  need I say more?

The melvin- Geeks and social outcasts of the school yard winced on seeing this. Their futures clearly laid out in a spate of groin injuring copy cat attacks.

Beating Death at his own game- Not many people can claim to have bested Death, but Bill & Ted did, several times over. I just can't see Marty McFly doing this-

Sound tracks- Both of these film series had great soundtracks. Back to the Future lead with Huey Lewis and the News, Bill & Ted countered with Kiss. Looking at both original movie soundtracks it leans favourably to Back to the Future, with Bill & Ted's being empty of A-list talent.

However using the ancient technique of checking various colleagues i-pods, Bill & Ted win with one person in the office (me) having 'God gave rock and roll to you' on their device, and shamefully no one having any Huey.

There's plenty more to go at here, but conscious that I'm not writing a novel here's my thoughts-

I'm going with Bill & Ted. When I first started writing I thought it would be the other way round, but the sequel wins it for them. Without Bogus Journey, they'd be lost but it had so many stand out moments that it just pips a noble effort by Marty.

Don't agree? Feel free to shout me down....


  1. Bill and ted hands down win this for me. Firstly kiss with god gave rock n roll to you is an unbeatable song along with characters like Abraham lincoln, ghengis khan and socretes performing in it. No film will create such an outlandish scene. Secoundly they also manage to evade the devil and escape hell a feat worthy of applause although marty is a cool guy, it has to go to bill and ted.

  2. I'm not sure that i'm with with on this one Shaneo. Mcfly proved time over, that he's not scared to showdown when required. His wily duel with Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen - inspired by the great Clint Eastwood - showed that when composed he's got the brains to match the brawn.

    To be fair he was decent scrapper full stop. His list of scalps including Biff, Griff, the aforementioned Mad Dog and a plethora of bitpart henchmen.

    Ted did mash up a knight with a leg of lamb, but my only other recollection of them getting into a scrape involved them mugging some farmers with the help of Death - a pretty cowardly act in my opinion.

    All said, I think that Marty's love of a good ruck would stand in him good stead for doling out some old fashioned street justice on his fellow time travelling yanks.

    Plus the Delorean shits all over the phonebox!


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