Friday, 8 April 2011

Bacon- a true super food

There's many pretenders to the throne. Lots of people will tell you that various fruits and vegetables are super foods, but these come and go with the seasons. Bacon is here forever.

So why is it a super food? The answer is another question, how many meals are made better by the addition of bacon? That's right, all of them. I know some smart arse will suggest chocolate cake can't be improved with bacon, and to him I say get fucked. I said meal, not food.

It's the versatility and adaptability that make bacon a true king. Lets look at some examples-

Roast chicken sandwich- the bread is nice a soft, the chicken surprisingly moist, and there's just the right amount of mayo. Couldn't get better, could it?

Yes it could, add bacon.

Cheese burger- the bun's been toasted lightly, the lettuce is crisp, the cheese is lightly melted, and the beefy patty is just the right side of medium. What more could you ask for?

That's right, bacon. Onion rings wouldn't go amiss either, but I digress.

Lasagne- the pasta sheets are crispy and soft where they should be, the mince is tangy and tomato-ey, the bechamel sauce is creamy, there's even a cheeky mushroom knocking about. Sounds good, no?

No- get some bacon in there.

Egg on toast- You've managed to get both eggs with runny yolks, the toast isn't burnt, and your brew's still warm. You're onto a winner, aren't you?

Not quite, where's the bacon? In fact chuck in a sausage and some black pudding and have a fry up, you big girl.

Beans on toast- easy to make, and the beans haven't stuck to the pan. You've even put some errant cheese on there. Can't go wrong eh?

Well you have done, get some bacon on the toast first. Hide it with beans and you've got a salty, porky surprise *ahem*.

Sausages- I know what you're saying, 'hang on, there's nothing wrong with a sausage. Back the fuck up!'

Well you're right there's nothing wrong with a sausage, but isn't it better with bacon wrapped around it? Pigs in blankets rule. If it was up to me, this would be the main event at Christmas. Double meat rules.

Salad- Firstly why are you having a salad? What's that you say? To impress a lady? Alright, I'll let it slide. You can still whack some bacon bits in there though.

Let's not forget that most meats can also be wrapped in bacon. Turkey a little dry? Wrap it in bacon. How's that chicken breast? If it's wrapped in bacon it's good.

There are many more examples of where bacon can be used to compliment any meal. So remember next time someone starts banging on about the wonders of pomegranate, smile and reach for the bacon.

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