Saturday, 10 September 2011

An open letter to George Lucas

Dear George,

I hope you're well. I'm good, the weather could be better, but I can't complain. How's the ranch?

I thought I'd take the opportunity to drop you a note on the cusp of the launch of the Star Wars saga on blu-ray. I'm sure you're excited about it, and looking forward to some bumper sales figures.

Who wouldn't want to see Star Wars in crisp definition?

I'm sorry, that's a loaded question. Before anything else, I'd like to say thanks. Thanks for making sci-fi cool. Thanks for creating such a rich universe. Thanks for uniting stoners and geeks alike. Thanks for Han. Thanks for the gold bikini. Thanks for light sabers. Thanks for Vader. Thanks for the Falcon. Thanks for Yoda (puppet version). Thanks for space fights. Thanks for the force. Thanks for Boba, and why not, Jango too. Thanks for the rancor. Thanks for AT-ATs. Thanks for stormtroopers. Thanks for creating, and realising such a unique cosmos in all its low tech glory.

Well done, you should be proud. You've changed lives. Obviously not in a deep meaningful way, but you've changed them none-the-less.

However (come on, you knew this coming), what happened George? You had your second stab at the new trilogy. You played with your toys, you used some CG, for the most, we forgave you. You then went back to the original trilogy. You just couldn't leave it alone, could you? Why? Why George?

Well you've done it, and we've all got the DVDs to prove it. I'll even watch the DVD if I just want a quick blast. However if I want the true experience I'll fire up the VHS. Why? Because HAN SHOT FIRST. That's how you wrote it George. Have the courage of your convictions.

So please George, can you release the original cuts on blu-ray? I'd like to see the films, as ORIGINALLY INTENDED, in crisp blu-ray.

That means Han blowing Greedo away (he deserves it), no bloody stormtroopers on dewbacks, no Jabba outside the Falcon, the old shit fireworks at the end of Jedi, Sebastian Shaw as Anakin's ghost, proper explosions in space (they wouldn't exist anyway so why mess with it?), and all the low tech glory that we wistfully remember.

Most fans will buy this anyway. We can't stay away from your carefully realised space crack, but you could give us the originals. We'll all buy that.

Don't spoil your legacy George. You've tarnished Indy already, you seem to be trying your hardest with Star Wars. Give us the originals in a box set, and we'll forgive your bubblegum excursions with the animated toot you're currently peddling.

I love your work George. Or at least I loved it. Let me know if you're going to release the classics, i'll save my money for then.

Kind regards

The Man Blog

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