Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Man Blog is 1!

On Friday 27th August 2010 I wrote my first blog post. It would take me another 2 months before I had the confidence to share it with anyone.

At the start of November 2010 I shared the post with a good friend of mine, John. He has been a staunch supporter of the blog since, and has inspired some of my best work. This sounds a bit fruity, but without our conversations wiling the hours away at work some of my favourite posts may never have existed.

Likewise there are many other friends who have helped influence various posts, and I thank all of them. Gushy crap over with I thought I'd share some interesting stats about The Man Blogs first year.

So far over 7,500 pages have been viewed (44 over at time of writing).

There have been 3,371 people visit, meaning that each person visits just over 2 pages before realising they are wasting their life. If each of those people stood head to toe they'd be taller than Mount Kilimanjaro (barely).

The amount of life wasted per visit is 1 minute 15 second. This means a monumnetal 70 hours 12 minutes have been wasted looking at the blog. That's almost 3 days! In that time you could have had a weekend, and started work on the Monday. Which incidentally is the day most people look at the blog.

52% of site visitors come from the UK. Much lower than I anticipated. You guys spend the longest on site and read the most. Probably makes sense as more of you intended to get there.

Almost 16% come from the US. You lot drop in and out very quickly. It also turns out that you have an unhealthy need to get pictures of either Sylvester Stallone, or Arnold Schwarzenegger (with a knife). So just for you-

The majority of other visits come from the old colonies or Europe. Most dissappear pretty quick when they realise that Harry Potter can get fucked isn't a resource for the latest showing times.

The top ten search terms that drive traffic to the man blog are-

rambo 1
marty mcfly
the man blog
harry potter
man blog
nut shot

Now a few of these can be dismissed as they are either to do with an old web address or picture searches. So the actual top ten looks like this-

the man blog
harry potter
man blog
nut shot
products that should exist
shitting blogspot
hit in the balls
men shitting blog

From this list you'd assume the blog is about beards, bollocks and shit. Not too far from the mark I'd say.

The top ten visted posts are-

John Rambo vs Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer
What's worse, getting hit in the nuts, or giving birth?
Harry Potter can get fucked
Beard Workshop
The art of shitting
Marty McFly vs. Bill and Ted
Terrible bad guys
Commuting etiquette
An open letter to George Lucas
What Star Wars has taught me

So that's how the site is used. Here's some further interesting stats on Man Blog users-

Almost all visitors to the man blog will go on to have some form of sexual experience.

Man blog readers are richer than the man in the street.

100% of man blog readers have internet access.

Some of them have phones.

On average man blog readers are educated to a reading level.

91.7% of Man blog readers are gainfully employed.

You are unlikely to die whilst reading the Man Blog.

So there you have it. A nice little breakdown of who visits, where they visit, and what they are like. Remember, keep reading, and if you can't just visit and dissappear. I need the site numbers.

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