Friday, 27 January 2012

Playstation in pants day- a modern phenomenon

I indulge in this practice every couple of months if i can. It's an opportunity to find your centre and reconnect with yourself.

It's also a day off the wife, and a chance to dent that stack of games.

Here's what you'll need-

Some pants
2012-01-26 14.10.52

A dressing gown (preferably monogrammed)
2012-01-26 14.09.44
2012-01-26 14.09.57

Comfortable footwear
2012-01-26 14.11.06

A day off from work

A playstation (or xbox, or PC)
2012-01-26 14.07.48

A game you really want to crack
2012-01-26 14.07.58

Sensible gaming snacks
2012-01-26 14.08.31

Simply wake up, put on pants and sit in front of the tv. Do nothing until 20 minutes prior to the wife returning. Dress, and make up a fictional day of events.

If you've done well you'll have no washing up to do as most of the food will have come in a bag.

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