Thursday, 5 January 2012

To the victors the spoils. In this case some shelf.

It's the new year and I know that most of you have ignored Christmas waiting eagerly for the results of the Man Blog's maiden competition- Win a shelf.

I'm not exaggerating when I say the response was greater than a lot of people predicted. I even had to extend the prize list to include extra rawl plugs. I didn't want anyone to get left out.

Those who have basic math skills and the time to waste to check the prize list will know that means I received 5 entries. That's 5 more than I expected.

I'm more than happy to reach into my pocket and dig out the change required to bundle off the prizes second class.

So without further ado the lucky winners are-

Andre Rickerby. Andre used Google+ to promote the man blog. Not many people know this because it was Google+. Andre, you've won four, count 'em, four screws.

Anthony Davies. Ant used good ol' Facebook for his entry. Ant has got himself a short plank of wood.

Steve Cartwright and his pal Matthew Green had a three way with myself on twitter. This lucky duo will receive four red rawl plugs.

Ben Stephens was also a twit. Ben is the fortunate recipient of a pair of brackets.

I'm sure you're all dizzy with excitement after seeing this news. To receive your prize drop me an email at with your desired postal address.

Eventually I'll post it and you'll be a step closer to putting up a shelf. Or throwing away some tat that's been posted to you.

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