Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kit Kat Chunky- One man's opinion

I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolate. I particularly like a Kit Kat chunky. There's none of this namby pamby four slender fingers. Oh no, this is a brute of a chocolate bar. Akin to some form of confectioned building material.

Now imagine my equal joy and pain at four new flavours, of which only one will survive. When I initially saw this I decided it was important to try them all, even if I knew I wouldn't like some. I wanted it to be as scientific as possible.

Here's the order of enjoyment I thought they would fall into, prior to any consumption-


I decided that this would be the order I ate them in. Time for some scientific testing.

White Kit Kat chunky-

What a let down. I really had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately white chocolate brought nothing to the party. A standard chunky is more stimulating.

A dissappointing start.

Double Chocolate Kit Kat chunky-
2012-02-20 13.21.04.jpg

This should have been a no brainer. The standard chocolate is good, double it and you shouldn't go wrong. Unfortunately the addition of the dark chocolate added an unwelcome bitterness.

By no means as dissappointing as white, but also a bit 'blah'.

Orange Kit Kat chunky-
2012-02-20 13.20.54.jpg

The surprise package. I wasn't expecting anything from this, which is why it probably did so well. This is the perfect balance between fruit, chocolate, and wafer. It's a shame it's not one of your five a day.

Peanut Kit Kat chunky-

This was never going to be the winner for me. I don't like peanut butter. It's far too rich. Curiously if this had been whole peanuts we'd have got on splendidly. What was surprising was that they didn't over do it. It's easy to overload the peanut butter (see the peanut lion bar), however they got the ratio of butter to wafer just right.

So after consumption, here's my rankings-

1. Orange- the stand out bar.
2. White- despite it's poor showing I'd still have it over the next two.
=3. Peanut- As this surprised me it gets elevated to an equal third, rather than dead last.
=3. Double choc- There simply wasn't enough to get excited about here.

Fiendishly Nestle have decreed that only can survive. A crime against confection in my opinion.

Current running sees the Peanut Butter lead the race-

PeanutButter 47%
WhiteChoc 29%
Orange 16%
DoubleChoc 8%

You can see the current results here.

I think it's simply a case that not enough people have sampled the fruity majesty of the Orange chunky. I recommended you grab one whilst you still have the opportunity.

No doubt I'll be scouring pokey little newsagents looking for any slightly dubiously dated boxes once these are removed from circulation.

The writer of this blog is taking part in a ludicrously long charity walk for Asthma UK. If you're feeling generous you can kindly sponsor him here. Or buy him some Orange Kit Kat Chunky's for the walk.

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