Thursday, 1 March 2012

Double Meat

"Do you do double meat?"

My wife said this across the dinner table to my sister-in-law. She quickly realised what she had said as her face went red, and my sister-in-law started laughing.

This was not a deeply personal, inquistive, question as to the sexual habits of said sister-in-law, but rather the opener to a debate my wife and myself often have- Is more than one type of meat in a meal too much?

From the first time I've met my wife she has never managed to finish any meal containing double meat. Whether it be bacon on some chicken to an extra burger, she has to leave some element of the meal.

I on the other hand feel that the best accompaniment to meat is more meat. Preferably a complimentary variety, but more of the same is fine as well.

So it's clear to see the wife is very wrong here. Double meat is the way forward.

Here's some classic double meat combinations-

Pigs in blankets- For the uninitiated sausage wrapped in bacon. Individually sausage and bacon are excellent meat products. Combine them and suddenly an, as yet unexplained, reaction takes place. POW!!! Porky heaven. It's quite a conundrum, it's all pig, but put it together and you get pig 2.0.

Double burger- What could possibly make the humble burger any better? That's right bang in another burger. Also the burger can be improved by bacon, what is fast becoming the utility meat.

Chicken wrapped in bacon- Enter our utility meat again. This meat cocktail is the ultimate flavour sensation. The humble chicken transcends standard flavour with the addition of the ersine chameleon. It's also notable because as a sandwich this is breaded gold.

Double steak- During my university days I often atteneded a Monday night steak night at a local pub. Said steaks were ridiculous cheap, something like £3 for steak and chips. It was pretty basic. The first night a friend of mine joined us he immediately ordered two dinners, and scrapped them all onto one plate. He looked happy after, so I can't doubt that although hefty, double steak must be a winner.

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