Monday, 16 April 2012

The man den

I am not a boastful person, I am not someone who has a lot of things to boast about, or be very proud of. However I am proud of my man den.

What is a man den? I hear you say?

The answer is a safe place, a place of refuge, a haven, a fortress of solitude if you will. My wife will tell you that it's place for all of my crap to live so that the house stays nice and clean. There's a rancor and AT-ST that would beg to differ.

2012-04-15 18.01.50.jpg2012-04-15 08.43.46.jpg

No matter how hard she tries the wife can't expel my childish ways completely. Here's what I did to my sons alphabet mat when left unsupervised-


I digress. As I said before the man den is place to retreat to when the stresses and strains of the world become too much. As I like to say, if you've got nothing to do, you'll find something to do in the man den.

Let's go through some of the more prominent features-


2012-04-15 14.53.48.jpg

Your eyes don't deceive you, that's a West Ham dartboard.

Pub paraphernalia:

2012-04-15 14.55.16.jpg2012-04-15 14.55.02.jpg2012-04-15 14.54.01.jpg

Pub signs, wooden table, personalised (sort of) ash tray, and bar towels (possibly stolen).


2012-04-15 14.56.07.jpg

Ok, so really it's just an extending table that I took a jigsaw to, but have you got one?


2012-04-15 14.56.54.jpg

Brown. Leather. A man needs no more.

Pest Control:

2012-04-15 14.57.34.jpg

BB gun for tactically removing pigeons from my satellite dish. Night vision goggles for scaring the shit out of the wife once she's gone to bed.

Entertainment unit:

2012-02-08 19.16.12.jpg

TV, PS2, and a VHS player in full working order. If you didn't want to you would never need move from the sofa.

VHS library:

2012-04-15 14.57.54.jpg

No point in having the vhs player without the library to back it up. When we're all getting the latest films beamed directly to our retinas this will go for a fortune on ebay.

Sound system:

2012-04-15 14.58.18.jpg

Alright this is pretty shit, but the den isn't that big. Acoustically it's fine.

Fishing tackle menagerie:

2012-04-15 14.56.16.jpg

Hooks, line, reels, buckets, and anything else that might be required.

Poker Table:
Mobile random 052.jpg

Everyone needs one, no one uses one. One of lifes modern paradoxes.

The only thing that's missing is a shitter. If it weren't for this I'd have my wife send my post up and I could live there.

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By The Man Blog.

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  1. One day I too will have a man den and it will be my palace. I did start to dig the foundations in the garden and the mrs went ape shit ( it is a small garden to be honest ). thanks for showing the world you place of rest



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