Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Titanic - Why Rose is a bitch.

James Cameron has come along and decide to double dip  Titanic. This film is definitely not one of my favourites. However I have to confess that I've seen it about 8 times, at least 4 of those I actually paid for the privilege as well.

As a 15 year old in 1997, Titanic was essential knicker grease for the young ladies of my home town. Enduring this film 4 times was a small price to pay for a quick fumble at the back of the local flea pit.

During these repeated viewings one thing really stuck in my craw. Rose was a bitch. Stone cold. She doesn't deserve your sympathy.

Lets look at the reasons why this wanton harlot, was exactly that.

Rose was engaged-

Yep, she was hooked up to get hitched. No one held a gun to her head. Sure her mother may have applied a bit of pressure, but what sort of ungrateful bitch wouldn't help her old dear out?

Sure, her beloved was a pecker, but everyone has their drawbacks.

She gets naked, quick-

Rose has known a young vagabond for a few days. He's different, and there's electricity, she's curious. Most people repress certain urges, not Rose however. She gets her wabs out and asks young Jack to sketch her. Get this, she also purposely wears her engagement present. Utterly heartless.

Also on this point she strips of for Jack, 'an artist' apparently. I don't mean to question her decision making but if there was the chance to see some tit I'd claim to be an artist as well. Stupid bint.

She puts out, quick-

This doesn't make her a bitch. What does is that she does it behind her fianc├ęs back, callously, and in the cargo hold. The ship's equivalent of behind a skip. The harlot.

Once she's nailed someone else, she mocks her other half-

That's right. Not content with physically trampling Cal's heart she writes him a mocking note and leaves it with the picture of her in the buff. How harsh is that?

She kills Jack-

In the freezing water they cling to life desperately. Heroically Jack shunts her onto a dining table size piece of wood. Selfishly she commandeers all available space and insists that Jack freezes to death in the icy water. Poor bastard.

Not only is she a bitch, she's the equivalent of a black widow. Killing her mates and moving on. God knows how many lives she ruined after this tragic event. Bitch.

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  1. Also, If she wouldve stayed in the life boat in the first place Jack would've survived on his own...he couldve had that whole door to himself :P

  2. This would have made me smile apart from the fact that I have a disturbing obsession for Kate Winslet - I think it dates back to my youth when I always chased the posh bird.


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