Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Photo bombing - a guide

In the aftermath of the Oscars one story stands head and shoulders above the rest. The fact that Sharknado didn't even get nominated. I'll let that settle in. 

Luckily plucky Brit Benedict Cumberpatch was on hand to lighten the mood with everyone's favourite form of bombing (after swimming pool of course), photo bombing. 

However Cabbagepatch didn't just get lucky. What he did takes training and practice. So how can you be the life and soul of the party? How can you consign hundreds of carefully staged special moments to the digital recycle bin? Read on...

1. Anonymity is key

text book bomb, both photo and to a lesser extent pool

If you want to be a meme there's no point in knowing the person. Your mates are just going to see you playing the twat. Bars and pubs around the touristy parts of town are your Savannah. Those slightly tipsy backpackers taking the same photo over and over again. They're the gazelle. 

2. Maximise body area

this image has little to do with this point, I just liked it

Get big. Slapdyback did a great job of fanning out. You don't want to be in the background, you want to be the background. 

3. The face

Just check out that face!

Your face needs to speak to people. Those people need to decide whether you need an ambulance or a roll of bog paper. 

4. Leave the scene

High fiving and cheering with your beered up mates will give you away. Slink away without drawing attention to yourself and your bomb is primed for the hazy hungover morning after. 

That's it pretty much. Good luck.

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